What I Believe

I’m running for County Chair because I believe in Clark County. I want to make this county a place we can continue to be proud to call home.

Good Local Government is Nonpartisan

I believe that good county government is about service, not partisanship. As a county commissioner, I built a strong record of working with everyone--Democrats, Republicans, and those with no preference. As the only position on the county council that is elected countywide, the Chair needs to be able to represent ALL of Clark County, not just the people in their party.

We Are a Growing, Vibrant County!

I believe we live in a wonderful community full of great people who deserve to have the best county government possible. I also believe the attitude of county government should be one of service rather than control. While I have been working in the private sector all my life, I also had the privilege of serving the citizens of the 17th District as their State Representative from 1994 to 2004. During that decade, I attended the best public policy school in the nation: the Washington State Legislature. You elected me to the Clark County Board of Commissioners in 2004. Since that time, I have been dedicated to streamlining county government by prioritizing spending and reducing waste and inefficiencies. With a combination of my public and private experience, I bring credible leadership through genuine service to our community. My voting record is a testament to my fiscal conservative values.

I Want to Ensure Our Future Quality of Life!

My top priorities are ensuring public safety and maintaining fiscal responsibility throughout the county budget. I want our criminal justice system to continue to be effective and efficient at keeping our citizens safe. This means having Sheriffs on the street, a properly functioning court system and the ability to help those who need help get access to those services. The second responsibility is to protect our financial resources. By closely monitoring expenses and prioritizing programs, we can balance our county budget with no new taxes.

Planning Effectively for Growth!

Clark County is growing, and it is the responsibility of the County Council to manage that growth responsibly.Just as parents must plan for the inevitable growth of their children, County Councilors must also adequately plan for the growth of our dynamic community. We must maintain the balance for rural and urban lands, plan for adequate affordable housing, and absorb the inevitable growth while still maintaining the character that makes us love Clark County.